Mr Blobby was so tired after all his frolics that he decided to have a little nap, for 15 years. Now he's back, more wacky and destructive than before!

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Blob Comes Back!

About Mr Blobby

Spawned from the creative genius of Unique Television's production team, Blobby started as just a pink blob on a piece of paper. Before they knew it he had grown into one of Britain's most famous faces. Blobby couldn't even go to the shop without being mobbed by excited fans (or causing thousands in damages).

Coming to major prominence on the era's most popular Saturday night show, 'Noel's House Party', Blobby exploded onto the world stage leaving terrorised celebrities in his wake.

Although it's 15 years on, Blobby's passion for annoyance hasn't waned. He's been dreaming up new ways to fall over and even more combinations of saying the word 'Blob'.